Go from Before… …to ADORE

Every home tells a story.  Yours!


I believe a home should be a mix of pretty and practical…and 100% personal
so that it makes you happy 

You don’t have to start from scratch to have a home that you love…here’s how:

It’s quick.  It’s affordable.  It works.

Oh my gosh, you are a “Home Whisperer”!  ‘I was overwhelmed’ is right…you made this happen for me!”


I did not like my room and now I LOVE it.  Thank you.”


I am so thrilled with the room!  You are such a good coach and cheerleader and encourage-er.”

Start now with Studio JWhat makes Studio J different?

It’s really not about the colors or trends or all that beautiful decor in the world.
(…most ti
mes, all those gorgeous, perfect rooms you see in the media don’t
even look like someone really lives there).  Even though they are beautiful, there
something a bit soul-less about all that perfection.

Most of us crave a home that we’re proud of and that looks and feels good…but,
instead of being Perfect, it needs to be Perfectly You — whatever is comfortable,
beautiful, meaningful and achievable for you and your family.  

When you walk in the door, home should make you heave a little sigh of comfort and pleasure.
Everyone has a different definition of exactly what creates that feeling…and it can be
overwhelming to know where to start. 
Together we’ll tackle the overwhelm and get past “stuck”
to make changes that create a Before & After which you will l.o.v.e.

We can start immediately…using what you already have to begin creating a home that you love.

Style is what you do with what you have.”
— unknown


Collect things you love, that are authentic to you and your house becomes your story.”
— Erin Flett

You don’t have to wait for some day to start creating the home of your dreams.

Let’s chat about how to get started today… Start now with Studio J. . . get ready to Fall in Love with your home again