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Jana Before and After

Hi! I’m Jana Gebhardt…and I’ve been in love with creating beautiful interiors for most of my life (…even before I realized it!!).  

I remember when HGTV first debuted — I was hooked!  My favorites were the Before & After shows which highlight the potential in every space.  I mean — who doesn’t love a good Before & After shot?
(even this one of me makes me smile…)

Nowadays, we have so many ways to get our ‘Beautiful homes fix’…and we are inundated with all those images of amazing perfection and so.many.options!  The magic of TV makes it look fast and easy…but when you insert the real-life aspect of time, money and the confidence to plow through all those choices, it can be overwhelming and hard to know where to start.

Guess what…

  • Perfection is over-rated (…it doesn’t really even look like someone actually lives there!)
  • Creative ideas and solutions trump boatloads of money for creating a unique and personal space every time
  • The best rooms take time to evolve, but there is zero reason not to start right now

Studio J LogoStudio J Home is both my business and my passion — to inspire you to create a home that you love and help you find creative solutions to your decorating challenges…in an approachable and affordable way that is specific to you (what you need, what you want and what you l.o.v.e.).

My superpower

Asking the right questions that get inside your head and heart so we can understand what you want and what you love (even when you’re not sure what that is!)

My specialty

A “use-what-you-have” approach and a knack for seeing the potential in what you already own to kick-start the process of helping you create the home of your dreams

My purpose and passion

To get rid of the overwhelm and that “stuck” feeling to inspire and help you create a haven that reflects your style and tells your story

             I want your home to make you smile

I love creating things that spark a smile and make life a bit more beautiful. There is nothing more satisfying than to give a tired room or a dated piece of furniture a fresh, new life.  I strongly believe that your home environment has a huge effect on your quality of life.  I also feel that your home should be a personal reflection of you…one that looks and feels good (and makes you happy).

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Still interested in learning more about Me and My Studio?  Here goes…

Barbie’s Dream House

That childhood Jana above was more interested in setting up the Barbie village in the basement than having a Barbie fashion show.  My doll didn’t have a Barbie Dream House, so I set about creating one for her by using what I had or could find or make (…think Dairy Queen banana split container -> Barbie’s custom claw-foot bathtub!).  As it turns out, my girlfriend (whose Barbie did have a Barbie Dream House) ended up liking my Barbie’s home so much better.  Who knew?

Little did I know, I was starting the seed of Studio J even way back then — using what you have to create a unique and personal home (…for my very first client, Barbie!).  I know Barbie was a Princess and an Astronaut and a Ballerina and a Pediatrician and a Cheerleader and an Olympic Athlete and a Race Car Driver and a Presidential Candidate AND a Rock Star…

…but even she could use some help making her home her own!

Barbie Dream House Restyle
Barbie’s House three different ways (…I couldn’t resist!!) Which do you prefer?


Born and raised in CoMo, I left after my years at MIZZOU to pursue my first career as an Engineer and now have finally returned back home.  In the intervening decades, I’ve lived across the US as well as a couple of countries overseas and I have transformed many a humble apartment and abode along the way.  I am a huge Introvert and an even bigger h.o.m.e.b.o.d.y., so the way my home looks and feels is super important to me.


Studio J Logo

Eventually (and it took a while), I discovered that my passion in life is creating beautiful interiors.  So, I went back to school, got several Professional certifications and opened Studio J Home for business in the Columbia, Missouri area.



 In the beginning…long before Studio J was even a twinkle in my eye — I was my only client (not counting Barbie, of course).  I did a lot of learning about and honing of my own personal style over the years:

  • I completely remodeled every surface of my first house — a.k.a. “the mid-70’s Harvest.Gold.Nightmare.
  • I completed several smart cosmetic updates to improve the value of my second home and create a space that was more “me”
  • Ultimately, I designed and built my custom Forever Home and created a personal haven that is 100% me and makes me happy…

Let’s chat soon, so we can figure out how Studio J can jump-start your  journey
to the home of your dreams.

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